Oh, the places we can go

What if you could anywhere you want and NOT drive a car! Here’s an awesome map of California created by some very creative and dedicated designers:

One totally awesome map

Where would you go?

We love you anyway

The lights went out and the 49ers didn’t prevail. But we love the Niners anyway and we really love living here in the Bay Area. We heard from many of you on Facebook, Twitter and email about the places you love to go here. Thank you all for sharing your favorites with us!

Without further adieu, here are 49 super places to go outside in the Bay Area (in alphabetical order):

  1. Albany Bulb – Albany
  2. Angel Island
  3. Annadel State Park
  4. Ano Nuevo State Park
  5. Batteries to Bluffs Trail in Presidio
  6. Berkeley Marina
  7. Big Basin State Park
  8. Bothe Napa State Park
  9. Brannan Island State Park
  10. Briones Regional Park
  11. Butano State Park
  12. Cascade Falls
  13. China Camp
  14. Claremont Canyon – Berkeley
  15. Coyote Hills Regional Park
  16. Dipsea Trail
  17. Golden Gate Bridge to the Cliff House
  18. Golden Gate Park
  19. Guadalupe River Park & Gardens
  20. Henry Cowell State Park
  21. Hidden Villa
  22. Joaquin Miller Park
  23. Joseph Grant Park
  24. La Selva
  25. Lands End
  26. Lighthouse Field
  27. Montclair Railroad Trail
  28. Mount Diablo
  29. Mount Sutro Open Space Preserve
  30. Mount Tamalpais
  31. Muir Beach – Marin
  32. Muir Woods
  33. Natural Bridges
  34. New Brighton
  35. Ocean Beach
  36. Ohlone Wilderness Trail
  37. Point Pinole Regional Shoreline
  38. Redwood Regional Park
  39. Rush Ranch
  40. Samuel P Taylor State Park
  41. San Bruno Mountain
  42. Seacliff – Santa Cruz
  43. Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve
  44. Stevens Creek Trail – San Jose
  45. Stinson Beach
  46. Sugarloaf Ridge State Park
  47. Tennessee Valley – Marin
  48. Tilden Park
  49. Wildcat Canyon Regional Park

Have you been to these places? What’s missing from this list? Tell us on Facebook and Twitter.


What are 49 Super Parks and Trails in the Bay Area?

Our beloved 49ers are playing in the Super Bowl this Sunday. And it got us thinking. What are 49 super Bay Area parks and trails? The weather is forecasted to be beautiful this weekend and it’s a great time to go outside.

whata view!

We asked our friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter for their favorites and this is what we heard:

  1. Annadel State Park
  2. Batteries to Bluffs Trail in Presidio
  3. Cascade Falls
  4. China Camp
  5. Dipsea Trail
  6. Golden Gate Bridge to the CliffHouse
  7. Guadalupe River Park & Gardens
  8. Joaquin Miller Park
  9. Joseph Grant Park
  10. La Selva
  11. Lands End
  12. Lighthouse Field
  13. Montclair Railroad Trail
  14. Mount Diablo
  15. Mount Sutro Open Space Preserve
  16. Mt. Tamalpais
  17. Muir Woods
  18. Natural Bridges
  19. New Brighton
  20. Ocean Beach
  21. San Bruno Mountain
  22. Seacliff
  23. Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve
  24. Stevens Creek Trail
  25. Tilden Park

What’s missing? Where are you going this weekend? Tell us here in the comments, on Facebook or on Twitter.

We have a winner!

James McBryan, come on down! You have won a $100 gift card to REI!

Why you ask? Because he and some friends went on an awesome bike camping trip over Labor Day weekend and he shared his story with us. Read his story here.

And just in case you haven’t been bike touring before, or bike camping, check out the GoPro video of their trip:

Thanks James for going outside and burning no carbon in the process! And thanks to the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) for the donated REI gift card!

How many???

How many hours this week were you inside? How many hours were you sitting in a chair at a desk? How many times did you look at a computer, TV, phone or some other screen? How many bags of chips, ice cream cones, and candy bars did you eat?


Take the Transit & Trails Challenge this weekend and get outside! Then we can ask… how many miles did you walk? How many vistas did you see? How many trees did you find shade or shelter under? How many birds did you hear? How many times did you laugh? How many times were your surprised?


Use Transit & Trails to get moving and get outside. Afterwards, tell us a story about your time out in nature. Like this one:



And enter to win!

Two people will be randomly selected to win $100 gift cards from REI. That’s right! To win, you must:

  1. Be between the ages of 15-25
  2. Take a bus, ferry, train, or some other form of public transportation to get outside.
  3. Write a story on the Transit & Trails website (on the page of the trip or trailhead or campground you went to)
  4. Have gone on this trip yourself at some point. It doesn’t necessarily have to be this weekend.

Contest closes at 9am on Tuesday, September 18. Winners will be announced on Wednesday, September 19.

Ready? Go!


Thanks to the Metropolitan Transportation Commission for giving us goodies to give to you like the REI gift cards. There are more. Stay tuned. Questions can be sent to annie at openspacecouncil dot org.

What they’re saying

“They” in this case is the Monument Community Partnership in Concord, CA. And this is what they did:

What a fantastic Thursday it was for staff that went on their very first Staff and Family Outing courtesy of Contra Costa County Spare the Air Resource Team, County Connection, and Transit and Trails. With walking shoes, backpacks, and water bottles in hand, staff members walked to the Concord BART station, traveled on BART to Lafayette, and then walked to the Reservoir. The goal of the outing was to strengthen personal bonds and encourage healthy, positive, recreational physical activities emphasizing team building and group interaction…mission accomplished and we had a great time doing it! One staff commented that they were surprised to find the beautiful Reservoir was only a 13 minute ride away on BART. Several of us have already made plans to head back to Lafayette in the near future to enjoy the same 2.7 mile walk around the Reservoir.

Have you used Transit & Trails to organize a group outing? We’d love to hear about it.