bike. ride. party.

This place we call home is pretty amazing.  The Bay Area is home to world-renowned parks and a network of trains, buses, ferries and bike paths that connect us all.  We invite you to join us on June 16, 2012 to celebrate it all:

The Alt. Ride is more than just a bike ride – it’s a day-long, Bay Area-wide event for all of us to get outside, get moving, and get connected. The day will include opportunities for:

  • 25 bicyclists to summit three iconic peaks – Hamilton, Tamalpais, and Diablo – using public transit to get between them
  • Anyone to join open-air parties to cheer the riders on and celebrate the beauty of the Bay Area
  • Anyone to ride transit with the riders and enjoy some transit-friendly revelry
  • Anyone with a mobile phone or computer to tell the story of the day by sharing their experience of the ride online, in real time


Photo by Lech Naumovich

Does this look familiar?  We’ve done it twice before.  Three bicyclists in 2010 and nine in 2011.  It is possible to ride to the tops of three iconic Bay Area peaks in one day.  It is possible to get outside – like really outside! – without a car.  Here’s the lowdown:

The route: Mt Hamilton, Mt Tamalpais and Mt Diablo

The transit: Caltrain, Golden Gate Ferry, BART

The date: June 16, one of the longest Saturdays of the year

The website:

The 25 riders: registration will open March 26 here on this blog

The rest of us: ways to participate will be announced here on this blog

An early partner is California State Parks (Mount Tamalpais and Mount Diablo are both located in State Parks, did you know that?). Sponsorship and partnership opportunities are available (click here to learn more!). And email Annie Burke at for more information.

Read more about the 2011 event here. Stay tuned to this blog for more information. And get ready to anda, pasea, fiesta!