Oh, the places we can go

What if you could anywhere you want and NOT drive a car! Here’s an awesome map of California created by some very creative and dedicated designers:

One totally awesome map

Where would you go?

What they’re saying

“They” in this case is the Monument Community Partnership in Concord, CA. And this is what they did:

What a fantastic Thursday it was for staff that went on their very first Staff and Family Outing courtesy of Contra Costa County Spare the Air Resource Team, County Connection, and Transit and Trails. With walking shoes, backpacks, and water bottles in hand, staff members walked to the Concord BART station, traveled on BART to Lafayette, and then walked to the Reservoir. The goal of the outing was to strengthen personal bonds and encourage healthy, positive, recreational physical activities emphasizing team building and group interaction…mission accomplished and we had a great time doing it! One staff commented that they were surprised to find the beautiful Reservoir was only a 13 minute ride away on BART. Several of us have already made plans to head back to Lafayette in the near future to enjoy the same 2.7 mile walk around the Reservoir.

Have you used Transit & Trails to organize a group outing? We’d love to hear about it.

What They’re Saying

This is what they’re saying about Transit & Trails. “They” in this case is a world traveler who sent us this email:

Just arrived from UK for one full day in San Francisco and found this site (transitandtrails.org) – wanted a good length trail run around 20 miles+ and found the TAM to SF run.

What a brilliant idea being able to find all the bus links to get me to the trail head at the Pan Toll Ranger Station – they all worked perfectly.  Started at 7am with the first bus, 2 hours later I was at the trail head.  My run ended up being 30miles (6h 35m) as I added a few detours, so I was a very happy, if a little sore, bunny.

What stories do you have to share about taking transit to the trails?

More Meetings Outside

Muir Woods. Crissy Field. Marin Headlands. Lands End. Fort Funston. Muir Beach. Stinson Beach. Point Reyes. Golden Gate Bridge. Cliff House. Ocean Beach. Fort Baker.

Have you been to one or all of these places? They are not only popular with the shorts-wearing-but-very-cold-in-July tourists, they are places that Bay Area residents love.

Now because of a partnership with GreenInfo Network and Transit and Trails, the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy gets us out and into those iconic places more easily. They recently re-launched their website featuring a new map of features and events in this huge recreation area. And with a little help from Transit and Trails, you can easily plan your trip using a car, public transit, a bike, your two feet, or a tour. See the handy “Plan A Trip Here” button when you click on a location? That’s powered by Transit and Trails juice.

We were excited to partner with GreenInfo Network and the Parks Conservancy. Both are leaders at what they do. But we hope that next time we work with them, we can have at least one meeting here:

Photo by Charlotte Fiorito.